Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lot of Help You Are

In my last post I was having trouble making a decision between two sweaters to start, so I put up a poll so I wouldn't have to make the decision. Well, every time I checked the results it was a tie. However, in the meantime, I made my own decision. I am going to make the lace sweater because the more I look at the two sweaters, the warmer the Scoop du Jour looks, and the cooler the lace looks. Also, Colleen sort of hit a sore nail on the head when she said the Scoop du Jour looks more like "me". I'm kind of tired of looking like me. I really like to be comfortable and I'm not conscious enough in the morning to put together a snappy outfit so I usually look pretty bland, even though my taste is not necessarily so.

Which brings up an interesting story that happened this week. I was in a training class and sitting at a table with a friend, her boss, and another woman I don't work with at all and only know from this class we've been taking. We had a few minutes to chat while the rest of the class was working on an activity we had already finished, and I mentioned that I had on new socks I'd made to my friend and the rest of the table wanted to see, too. So we got on the topic of knitting. It turns out the "other woman" used to knit and was possibly interested in doing it again. Anyone who knows me knows that I can wax excited and enthusiastic about the current state of knitting in the world at the drop of a hat, and I started to tell her about fun sock yarns and the internet, etc. I was explaining the proliferation of patterns these days, and I decided to show her some pictures of the patterns I'd like to make, which I have stored in my PDA. But this made me a little nervous. My first impression of this woman is that she has a cool haircut and wears cool glasses, etc. She seemed pretty cool. What if she didn't like the clothes I liked and she had to be polite and she decided not to knit ever again because the crazy boring ugly girl in her training class showed her just how bad it could be? What if? She was probably wondering the same thing, "What if she shows me a bunch of ugly stuff and I have to be polite?" But that didn't happen. She was genuinely interested in some of the things I showed her. I gave her the Knitty web address and it was time to get back to class.

Lesson: I don't have boring taste in clothes, I just don't bother to use my good taste very often or spend a lot of money on it. And I shouldn't be so insecure.

And I'm going to make the lace sweater. It'll be more fun and interesting. But first I'm going to try to finish a few things for babies and gifts and things.


Colleen said...

I have NEVER thought your tastes in clothes to be BORING!!!! :( And I didn't think the SDJ was boring either! I'm glad I could, in a round about way, help make your decision...sort of...

Good luck with the lace sweater and I can't wait to see it!!


Lori on Little Traverse Bay said...

Steve Jobs (of Apple Computer) wears the same thing every day---he likes it, it's comfortable, and most of all, he can put his creative thought into his business. So if you're not feeling "cool" enough or "groovy" enough apparel-wise, just remember you are channeling that creative energy elsewhere, into groovy knitting or some other worthwhile venture.

The lace sweater will be beauteous and you will have fun doing it. Enjoy!