Saturday, May 12, 2007

Much Knitting, Little Blogging

I hate to blog about not blogging, but I feel I must at least mention it, but only because I have so much to cover! I've been busy, and have much to document.

First, a million years ago at Easter, I took a trip to St. Louis to visit the old stomping grounds. It was a very short-notice trip, so I didn't get to see a lot of people I should have. Oops. I did get to spend some time with Colleen, who has a very friendly car. You may recall it was a cold weekend for nearly everyone, and when I turned on the seat heater it greeted me:

The next day I stopped by Knitorious, of course, and bought some yarn, of course. The top two skeins are bamboo sock yarn, and the bottom skein I just fell in love with and after telling Gwen "I don't buy enough fun yarn" I decided I had nothing to lose. This picture doesn't do it justice. I planned to make a hat with it, but it's warmed up considerably since then and a hat doesn't seem like a good project to work on just now.

But this was a good project:

"Hugs and Kisses" baby socks for Erin-Who'd-Rather-Be-Quilting. Poor Erin has to knit with us at Barnes & Noble because she can't find a quilting group. Erin is pregnant and we threw her a surprise baby shower. Yes, these socks are made with Koigu.

And speaking of babies, I also crocheted this blanket for The Princess & The Peanut, my niece and nephew.
It is a monument to another argument for swatching. The blanket isn't exactly rectangular. The first ten to fifteen rows are looser than the rest of the blanket. If I had swatched, my tension on the new stitch would have evened out by the time I actually made the blanket. Seriously. Swatch, people.

I have also been working on more beaded stitch markers. I finally broke down and bought round-nose pliers, and I should have done that a long time ago. I had been using only the needle-noses at the top of the picture. See how pretty and round the twist is? I might just re-make some of the old ones; they look pretty bad in comparison.

And last but not least, last weekend we went to Stitch 'n' Pitch. It was so much fun. It was my first Reds game, and we got a ton of free stuff. Good free stuff. Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and big giant needles, the last issue of Cast On, and a cross-stitch kit I gave to a hospital-bound pregnant friend, and those are just the highlights. I also got a bad sunburn which was also free, and some yummy nachos which were not free. A good time was had by all. I highly recommend it. The season is young; go if you get the chance. I forgot to take pictures.


Laura said...

Hi Beth.

I just caught your comment now. The bag was really fun and easy. I hope more people try it, At first I thought I was going to have to fit a square in the bottom (which ) I don't like doing, really clever.

I really love the baby xoxo socks, where is the pattern from ?