Sunday, July 08, 2007

Another of My Many Talents

Interior decorating is not my strong suit. I don't have much of a clue about it, really. But the other night I considered having friends over and realized that my guest bathroom is less "guest bathroom" and more "stuff that won't fit in my bathroom storage annex" and "place where I can leave my pedicure stuff out all the time". Since I will also have an actual overnight guest shortly and I had a coupon for 10% off on a day of shopping at Target, it was time to hit the aisles of my favorite shopping consortium to render my bathroom guest-worthy.

A few months ago I had already purchased a set of matching towels, in my favorite color, purple. I wanted to have green to complement the purple, and I tend to like tropical and beachy themes, so I thought I'd have an easy time of it.

Such was not the case. Apparently a green that I would like to go with my purple is not an "in" color this season. I also learned that they make a lot of fussy fancy stuff for bathrooms. I couldn't imagine throwing a dirty kleenex in some of those trash cans, and you would totally ruin the look if you put a plastic liner in it. Also, I think I don't believe in tissue paper covers. The boxes themselves are so small; why do we need giant ornate covers for them? My bathroom is very small, so I wanted to keep the scale small also. And if I bought twenty matching palm tree pieces and put them all in this tiny room you'd feel like a coconut fell on your head as soon as you entered. I'm not a big fan of the Matchy Matchy. I also didn't purchase a soap dish. I haven't purchased an actual bar of soap since I was in high school, and I definitely don't believe in having pretty soaps sitting there that no one should use. Maybe if the bathroom got more traffic, and I had a maid to dust the soaps, but I don't.

So it's not a HGTV-worthy makeover, but it shows effort, at least.




Gwen said...

I'm so honored. :-)

Sadly, my guest bathroom looks 10 times better than my real bathroom because I've never found the right pictures for my bathroom.

Can't wait to come. I'm going to St. Louis next weekend. DC the weekend after that and then to visit you and probably back to DC before hooking up with you in Chicago again. I feel like my life is a version of Where's Waldo, called "Where in the world is Gwen??"

kristin said...

Looks very nice.

NKY Knitter said...

It looks good. I makes me want to finally get some accessories for my bathroom. . .and maybe even my guest bathroom.