Saturday, July 07, 2007

Patience, Child

Knitting progress:

Earlier this week I completed the second ball of yarn on the Cable Lace Cardigan, but then I finished the back, so I have pictures of both:

And at the same time, after much frustration trying to knit and talk at the same time (why do I keep trying?) I made some progress on Pomotamus:
I'm done turning the heel and starting on the gusset. I'm loving how they're turning out, but I don't know if I'll wear them much. My legs are not shaped like these socks, and when they're all stretched out they don't look that great. Oh well. The point is to knit something, not that I need socks.

I am also trying to wait patiently for my Ravelry invite. I already do a lot on my own to keep track of my stash and future projects, but I do so love organizing and cataloging. Also, it looks like it'll be a powerful tool to compare projects and yarns, and I just can't wait to throw my info into the database. I know that I signed up before May 21st, but Jess and Casey haven't updated us with a State of the Waiting List for a while and I don't know where they are. June 23rd they were up to May 10th. It could be any day now. It could also be two weeks from now. I don't know. I'm so crazy that I don't trust Bloglines, and I keep checking the News Blog on my own. Anyone got a chill pill?

[Update: I got my invite at 10a.m. this morning. For those of you keeping score, I signed up sometime around May 15th-18th maybe?]


Juno said...

Where or where is the cable/lace cardigan from? It looks SO familiar...and so pretty. But I cannot remember.

Very beautiful so far as well - is that the Shine?

Tracey said...

Wow, that is gorgeous! The color is lovely too...what yarn is that you are using.