Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Very Knitty Weekend

Gwen is on her way back to Kansas City, and we had a great weekend. It rained a bit more that I'd have liked but we survived.

Thursday started out with cheeseburgers and a Jimmy Buffett concert. We didn't plan very well and by the time we got there we would have had to park farther away than Gwen could walk, so we had to park in the "no tailgating" parking lot. "No tailgating" means not only "no alcohol" but no loitering, so no lawn chairs or anything; it was pretty strict. Since we wanted to partake of the pre-concert party we took off to walk around and find some crazies. Before we were able to do that, however, it started to pour. We stood together under my umbrella until finally somebody invited us to join them under their tent, and they offered us libation to boot. Here's Gwen, me, Chad our savior, and Captain Morgan.
(And some lady who walked into the picture.)

It stopped raining, and we took our leave. We went back to the car where we had snacks, tunes, and knitting. As show time approached we headed toward the amphitheater and flushable toilets. We really enjoyed the show, however most of the people around us could have cared less about what was going on on stage. Cincinnati has a reputation for being a town full of parrotheads, but that is not true. It's a town of people who like to go to the concerts, but they don't have any albums or know any but the most popular songs; next year we'll try to get closer to the stage, and I'll try to get in with the local fan club.

Friday we went to see Ratatouille to kill some time before going to a local baseball game. The game was almost rained out, so we left after a few innings. It was cold and wet and the group we were with left to go to a Jazz bar. Liesl came with us to my apartment to look at back issues of knitting magazines and we exposed her to the wonder that is Ravelry. She's on the list but has a bit of a wait.

Saturday was the big yarn crawl. We started at Fiber Naturell, headed to Yarns & Fabrications, then to Fiberge, and One More Stitch. By that time it was 5:00 and we were done. Good thing Gwen and I had hit Knit On the day before. She didn't purchase anything on the crawl, but I got some fabric for a new Leetle Bag and some new Addi Lace needles at Y&F.

I haven't mentioned all the eating. I ate like I was on vacation. We ate after she arrived in Dayton, we had huge Cheeseburgers before the concert, Penn Station and BBQ on Friday, Chipotle and Chinese (with crab rangoon, of course) on Saturday. Today we went out for breakfast and had Starbucks on the way to the airport. My refrigerator is full of leftovers; I think I've gained back all the weight I lost a few months ago. :( Oh well, it was a vacation for me even though I didn't leave town.

Finally, Gwen gave me a gift as she left: Koigu.

There's always room for Koigu.


danielle said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend with your friend. Sorry it rained on your weekend, but it sounds like you had fun anyway.