Sunday, August 05, 2007

Getting Ready For Stitches

Stitches Midwest is less than four days away, and it's time to make a solid game plan. I have a feeling this is going to be a different year. The classes filled up more quickly, and the hotel we wanted did too, than in past years. But we also know there are some new and returning vendors to look forward to. It'll be interesting.

Now, more specifically, I need to have a list of things to look for, and a good reminder of what I already have. Last year will go down in history, not as Stitches Midwest 2006, but instead as The-Stitches-Midwest-Where-I-Had-Just-Gotten-A-New-Job-And-Had-More-Money-To-Spend-Than-Any-Stitches-Previous. I spent a lot more than the years before, and I haven't used a lot of it yet, so this year I'm less inclined to buy a lot of yarn. Also last year, about a month after Stitches, I went to a local fiber festival and bought even more yarn which just compounded the problem.

And so, in the interest of reminding myself of my current stash, and in the interest of organization which has been somewhat lacking since this time last year, I took out all of my yarn (except the sock yarn which is always organized in a hanging toy storage thing from Ikea) and put it in one place and then put it all away again, this time consolidated.
Yeah, it's a lot of yarn, but nowhere near what a lot of people have. And most of it is designated for specific projects. There was a time I didn't want more than could fit in my giant under-bed storage box, but now that box is full, and I have one other regular box. I'll be hard-pressed to justify many yarn purchases this year. I'll be more on the lookout for patterns, books, and needles. I hear the glass needle people are now making double-points!


Chrisknits said...

We are staying at the Doubletree across the street. I have a design class on Thur/Fri and all day Sat. Look me up!

MsLindz said...

I recently did something similar with my yarn. Pulled it all out, took photos and put my stash on Ravelry. The only part I haven't done is my cotton yarn, which isn't very much. Isn't it great to get it all organized? Have fun at Stitches!