Sunday, March 02, 2008

I Think She Might Be Sadie

Yesterday, while sitting on a stranger's kitchen floor and contemplating a tiny puppy, the name Mercedes came to mind. Now, I love the name and think it's beautiful, but I also know that 99.9% of Americans think it's a brand of car. But I just couldn't shake it. I looked and looked and thought and thought to come up with something else, and then I was doing some Internet research that required me to enter a pet's name, I entered Sadie, and it just started to stick. Sometimes I think "Sophie", but Sadie means "little princess" (which I didn't know until I looked it up after-the-fact) and it's just perfect. Because she is.

I went to PetSmart, again, today because I figured I might as well obsess about the whole thing at the pet store where I can sort of do something about it, instead of obsessing about it on my couch. I finally had the input from the breeder to buy a lot of stuff I hadn't yet, and I filled up a basket and dropped a lot of cash. But it could have been a lot more if I didn't have a running start.

We really have enough toys to start, but I bought a few more. This one looked good:

And the dog on the package looks just like she-who-might-be-Sadie, except without the wire coat (and she's not this big yet.)

How am I expected to resist something like this?

Fun fact: Even after playing with her for nearly an hour yesterday, there was not a single dog hair on me when I got home. Miraculous!

Another fun fact: (knitting-related even) While on the afore-mentioned kitchen floor, I was looking at a catalog the breeder gave me and I saw some doggy sweaters and inquired of she-who-might-be-Sadie "would you like a puppy sweater? I'll make you a sweater." I then explained to the breeder "I knit." and she said emphatically, "Oh good!" That was the best reaction I have ever gotten to that statement. We went on to discuss how hard it is to buy clothes for doxies because they're so long and have such short legs. No problem.

More fun facts: My new computer is at this moment being sorted at the FedEx facility in Memphis. I have half a mind to drive over there and pick it up myself.

So much anticipation....what's a girl to do?


danielle said...

And Sadie is almost like Mercedes. It's like, MerSADIEs. Hmm, perhaps I need more sleep...

Jeannie said...

She is soooo cute
and I like the name Sadie -- looks like she will be well loved.

Anonymous said...

Beth, Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Sadie sound like a great name. I also thought of things you like - register her as J.Buffet and call her Buffy or Julia Child and call her Jules. Sadie is a great name - I grew up with a doxie - wonderful, owner loyal companion.
Donna W