Saturday, March 08, 2008

Koigu Gloves Progress

It's my first post from my new computer. It's a MacBook Pro, so if you want to be jealous, you go right ahead. It's awesome. The learning curve has been pretty steep to get used to a new OS (I have officially defected from the Microsoft camp now, as much as a person can) but it's worth it. The battery works for longer than 45 minutes, it doesn't randomly choose which clicks to accept, there's room for storing things like music and pictures (250 Gig, Baby!) and most of the things I've tried have worked immediately. It's so refreshing.

And this is a picture of progress on the Koigu Gloves.  I have a hand and a half or so?  I haven't decided on cuffs yet so I started on waste yarn and will do that later.  I was afraid if I started with the cuffs I'd be short on yarn and wouldn't find out until I was done with four fingers.

No new news re: Sadie.  20 days until I bring her home.  I'm signed up for puppy classes, and have a vet appointment scheduled.  I do need to make her a crate cover, which will be duly documented right here, but I don't have fabric yet, and the weather has stymied plans for that this weekend.  We had a "blizzard" which did indeed deposit a lot of snow, but I don't think I'd call it a blizzard, per se.  At any rate, everything is closed so I'm reduced to cleaning the living room, etc. instead of buying fabric for something I don't need for three weeks.


Teri said...

Gorgeous gloves!

And I am jealous because I have a iMac that's at least 5 years old and I'm looking forward to getting something new. Welcom to the Mac world.