Tuesday, April 08, 2008

All Sadie, No Knitting

It's been an eventful couple of days for Sadie.

Sunday, 1:00pm: We took a long walk. Sadie worked up a good pant for the first time, and did an excellent job walking. She stayed by my left foot for the most part, pausing to look at twigs or loud vehicles, but really, just a pause. I had to look down to see if she was still there since there wasn't any tension on the leash. She didn't pull ahead or tempt me to drag her along or anything. I think she'll be getting the hang of this a lot faster than other dogs I've known. That's not to say that she'll always WANT to take a walk, but she'll be able.

Sunday, 3:00pm: First Puppy Class at PetSmart. Due to the long walk (see..??? There's a method...) she would have slept through the whole thing if the teacher hadn't talked so loudly. ;) And she was a darling. She politely sniffed the dogs sitting next to us and was nonplussed by the feisty year-and-a-half-old un-socialized Yorkie. We didn't have any of the problems other puppy owners reported, and I kept my mouth shut regarding the litter training. It's just not worth it. It's working for us for now, and if it doesn't in the future, we won't do it, but I have given this plenty of thought and research and I don't really care what anyone else thinks about it. I have always been a "different drummer" kind of person, and I don't always feel like lending someone my iPod to hear what it sounds like, because sometimes it's a waste of my time.

Monday, 9:00am: First vaccination at the vet including Leptospirosis, highly touted by breeder and Internets as Death To Dachshunds. She was not happy with the giant needle, but otherwise she did great. I didn't notice any unusual reactions, and other than some soreness and lethargy around noon, and maybe some loss of appetite this morning, she's great. Back to her old self already. She hasn't gained a lot of weight, but she's great otherwise. Cute story: She was getting her nails trimmed and I was holding her with her back to me and vertically so that the tech could get her back feet, although she had to bend over a little, Sadie's so long. Sadie wasn't happy with the situation and would yelp periodically, but she still licked the tech's face as she worked.

If you don't want to read about poo, move along now.

She had been having some soft poo problems, (all day Sunday, actually) and didn't poo before going to the vet Monday morning, but had a good solid poo after getting back. It's been of varying consistency since, but the vet and technician were most assured that it is due to the final change of diet. I was probably pretty lax about getting her to eat the new food and not just picking out the old food, and now that she really is eating all new food, it might take a few days to settle down. It certainly doesn't smell as bad as it did. I now know the true meaning of "to high heaven". This was no "low heaven" poo, I'm tellin' ya'. I bet people in Delta airplanes over my apartment, coming in for a landing here in Cincy, were put off their Bistoff cookies.


Carol said...

Sadie looks like a lovely little girl. Smart too. She sounds like a natural and should be easy to train. I found with my dog that training was the key to making her a good doggy citizen. I know you will enjoy her for a long time to come.