Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Can She Talk About Anything Other Than Poo?

Yes, I can. But not for long.

As previously mentioned, I had found myself without socks on needles, and the situation was quickly remedied, although not as quickly as I would have liked. Here is a first shot of my pay-attention-socks: Hedgerow Socks made with Tess' Super Sock:

The yarn is working up thicker than I thought it would, but since superwash relaxes a LOT when washed, I'm not concerned. Yay Purple!

And some new pictures of Sadie: (click for bigger)

She's doing swimmingly. Since I stopped over-feeding her the poo has been much more manageable, and after what seemed to be a setback on Sunday training has resumed with gusto. Monday we went for a long walk, which was more difficult than usual because the dandelions have bloomed and somebody really likes to pop those heads off and try to eat them. I know that dandelion flowers aren't toxic or anything, but when I see that giant yellow blob in my little dog's mouth I can only think of the stomach upset eating that thing whole might cause.


Rebecca said...

The purple is wonderful! You might be surprised what a dog's stomach can handle. My dog used to love to eat goose poop and it never bothered her. But I would probably pull dandelions out of my dog's mouth too!

Nik said...

you're making me want a new puppy.