Monday, May 05, 2008


Work is progressing well on the Hedgerow socks. They're going very quickly, probably because they sit on the couch and get picked up frequently. I'm halfway through the foot of the first; pictures to follow.

Sadie has reached several milestones in the past week or so.

- She had her last round of puppy shots and her rabies vaccination, without incident.

- She was "interviewed" for daycare, and passed except for her size. The daycare website states clearly that they separate dogs by size and temperament, but that is a lie, and they're worried the Great Dane might inadvertently smoosh her.

- As of last night she is one ounce shy of five pounds.

- This weekend she started barking. First she was just playing with the puppy she sees in the reflection of the glass doors on the tv stand. But last night she heard someone in the hallway and let out a loud one. It sort of startled me.

- Today I left her confined to her pen, not her crate, and I returned from work at lunchtime to an intact apartment. She had even pooped and not eaten it, although there was evidence that she had some wet poo that was gone.

- Today at lunchtime she was also able to sit and stay for 30 seconds without constant treats, only periodic "good girl"s.


Lori on Little Traverse Bay said...

Today's June 5...a whole month with no new photos of Sadie?! How is the darling girl doing?