Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh Dear -or- Christmas Letdowns

Well, everyone, I seem to have strained my left hand, and while it doesn't hurt to knit, per se, it certainly hurts afterwards. So, if you consider yourself family, friend, or loved one, gear up and hunker down for an IOU Christmas. It might happen to you.

As for my espresso machine, mentioned perhaps a week ago? I never did get it to work, and it finally has made its way back to the retailer; I had to wait and wait and nag and nag to get the UPS label. Hopefully they will fix it and return it poste haste, as I am disappointed that we have cold weather and I can't make myself a hot cocoa with steamed milk. I had some extra vacation to use up and scheduled it for this past Monday and next Monday, and I was looking forward to fresh lattes over my two three-day weekends. If it isn't back by Christmas break, I'm going to drive to New York and fix it myself.

And by the way, that renegade trip to New York would be the only travelling I'm doing this year for Christmas. Every time I or Sadie go somewhere, when we come back, she regresses and starts having accidents again (not to mention her refusal to pee in wet grass and penchant for peeing on other people's carpets). I think she's well socialized and accustomed to traveling, just not quite old enough to make the switch reliably, and I'm sick of it. Travel will resume in the spring perhaps. And seriously, who wouldn't love five days to just hang out at home and relax?


Chrisknits said...

ME!!!!! I am ready to abdicate my Christmas throne right now! Just not in the mood this year. Sitting alone, knitting and eating is like heaven right now! Oh, you didn't say anything about stuffing my face? Wonder where I got that from.

Colleen said...

I'm with Chrisknits! I'm not in the mood this year either and as for Christmas IOU's, my aunt is going to get a project on needles wrapped up, with an IOU attached. Have a great Christmas break at home and good luck with the espresso machine!