Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, P&P -or- An End to the Bluff

ok.  So the truth is that I haven't been working furiously on Christmas presents, but instead sweaters for my niece and nephew's birthday, which is today.  They will certainly be finished before the snow melts (somewhere, at least); I am knitting a little more each day, and my hand isn't bothering me as much as it was.

And so, here I share what I've been hiding all these months:
These are two Dale of Norway hoodies, as they progress:

The astute among you may have noticed that the knitting pictures are in the round, while the blocking pictures are flat.  Yes, kids, this is my first steeking project.  Those sweaters were seamed down the middle with a sewing machine, and cut apart.  I had to have Lisa and Liesl over for moral support, and I only had to re-do one of the seams, so I didn't have to have a little lie down.  Although it was fate that the doorbell was rung by the LaRosa's delivery man mere seconds after finishing the first cut.  I didn't have time to ruminate on what I had just done because there was pizza to eat.

I have a sleeve and a half done at this point, so I just need another sleeve and a half, two hoods, two little pockets, and two zippers.

Jennifer, no worries about fit.  I cast on for the 24 month size, but these are turning out huge.  Those Norwegian babies must be little linebackers or something.  No matter when they are finished they will fit.  Ivy will probably wear hers to her first day of High School.


Chrisknits said...

I too, am making a Dale sweater. It too is turning out huge! I keep rechecking my gauge, yes it's right. But man, the size! Oh well, it will fit at some point, just not sure the neck will!

Jenn said...

Those sweaters are so cute! Someday I will have to try looks very intriguing!

Glad to hear that your hand is feeling better, too. A hand injury to a knitter is devastating...