Monday, February 16, 2009

Cute, Cuter and Cutest

Here's Sadie after a long day at daycare:

She really seems to like it now that she's gotten used to it.  She was so excited when I dropped her off this morning that she peed on the floor.

In other cute news, I visited my family in South Dakota last week, and my sister brought her daughter (you may know her as "The Princess").

Here she and her mother are playing in the hard South Dakota snow.

And here she is at dinner.
I'm not sure what happened to make these pictures kind of blurry and weird.  My aunt and uncle were there and took these pictures while playing with my camera.  And it's got so many bells and whistles that I haven't figured them out yet.  I think it might still have been set for pictures in the snow.

And by the way, we measured, and I've got plenty of time to finish those Birthday sweaters.  They are absolutely huge.  Takin' my time.


Kristyn said...

She is so cute! She looks quite a bit like you.