Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Go YarnEnvy!

Look! I made the list.

I couldn't remember when I started blogging, so I wasn't sure. I used to pay all sorts of attention to how long I'd been blogging, who was reading my blog, who visited my blog and what search terms led people to my blog. Not so much anymore. I have also lagged in my posting frequency. I always have a blog post composing in my head, but more often than not it just doesn't make it to the interwebs. I wrestle with the balance between knitting and real life. I used to be a good source for knitting inspiration, but now I just want to talk about my quest for health in the new year, or Sadie, or organization and de-cluttering, and who wants to read about that? It's just not that interesting.
In looking at this list there were a lot of familiar names. A lot of them are blogs I've visited, some I used to read regularly, and some I do still read. Some have become friends, and if I ever met them in real life I'm sure we'd say hello with a hug.


LaTejanaFria said...

Me! Me! I want to read about your quest for health, Sadie, and/or organization and de-cluttering. I'm on all of these jags and love to read about others' progress to keep me motivated. Post away!

A loyal reader since I can't remember when,

Lisa said...

Congrats to you!

And here's another loyal reader who doesn't mind reading about Sadie-lady!