Monday, November 02, 2009

Christmas is Coming and I am Literate

Two weeks ago I couldn’t have cared less about having an e-reader. In the past, I have read electronic books on my PDA, and now my cell phone screen is really too small for it, but I don’t read that much and it wasn’t missed.

Then. Barnes & Noble announced the Nook. And now I Want One. Bad. Maybe the Kindle was ugly. Maybe it was expensive. Maybe I didn’t pay any attention to any of the other e-readers out there. Maybe the Kindle has a stupid name for an e-book. Hello... Kindling? Book burning? Not cool? But the idea of a reading nook is a darling thought and the Nook is so attractive.

Did I mention that I don’t read much anymore? Did I mention that I need another thing to carry around in my purse like another hole in the head? But just yesterday I had two conversations in which books I might like to read were discussed, which only fans the flames.

Did I mention that Kate Spade makes covers for it?


Jennifer Roberts said...

I agree, the Nook is very nice, definitely more appealing than the Kindle. I read somewhere that they will have them to try at B&N stores at the end of November.

I do wonder if one will be able to add it to an amazon wish list. lol.

Gwen said...

You know, I had no desire to have one for a long time and then I've had a few conversations over the past few weeks and now I want one too. I'm still thinking Kindle. It has more features that I want and several friends that have them and love them. I'd have to see the Nook.

I love to read and the idea of being able to, particularly on long trips to say...Japan, carry many books with a very little weight.


RicochetRed said...

I *do* read a lot - although audio books would make more sense since I haven't mastered simultaneous reading & knitting. But I don't travel much and do use the libraries so I can't justify buying an e-reader.

But PM is about to start traveling a lot more (again) so I'm thinking of getting one for him. Ironically, my engineer needs a simple interface & Nook seems to have that. (I agree about the name).

Do we know if it has the Kindle's text-to-speech feature? Now I'm eager for it to hit the stores so we can play with it. Fair warning: I'll likely be more enabler than dissuader. :-)

Robert Kimmel Smith said...
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Eddy said...
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