Sunday, November 29, 2009

My House is Warm, and So Am I

Hey all. Long time no read. Since my last post I had my long-awaited housewarming party, and it was lovely. It was in the middle of November, but it was still a warm day and as usual, everyone gravitated out to the furniture-less back porch.

Since I haven't shared any pictures of the house lately, here are some of the bedroom, sans cardboard boxes.

And much knitting of small projects has ensued, now that the weather has turned, little gardening is necessary, and the painting is done.

Turned into this:

And I finished a hat, a neckwarmer and a shawl.

As usual, all details are on Ravelry for those who are interested.


Kira said...

Those slippers are so wonderful! It took me a good minute to figure out that they shrunk :D

Great blog! I just kinda stumbled across it. You're a very talented knitter.


Nik said...

Oh, how cute those slippers are!

danielle said...

Dashing off to Ravelry to get the details on those slippers. They're ADORABLE!