Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Lived to Tell the Tale, and So Did They

Look everyone!

My first Craigslist purchase*:

A slightly worse-for-wear table and four chairs. Isn't it cute? The top is slightly warped and cracked, but who cares? It was cheap.

I think it fits just great on my back porch. Not too big, not too small.

Getting it into my car was a puzzle I don't want to have to solve again. "new car (with hatchback)" is moving up the priority list quickly.

*Do not bother commenting if the Peace Lily shouldn't be left outside like that. I don't care. I just put it there for the picture, and it's back in the kitchen window now.


Gwen said...

Love it!

Jennifer said...

Very cute! I need a back porch like that, too - sigh

Lori on Little Traverse Bay said...

Looks good! I'll bet Sadie loves going out there, too.