Saturday, October 30, 2004

A Hard Day's Work

I spent the whole day at Knitorious today, and didn't really help that many people. It was pretty slow. Nancy came in, and I helped her to start some wrist-warmers in the round. She is recovering from bronchitis, so send your best wishes her way. Suzie also came in, and since Sandy (the big boss) wasn't there yet I didn't have anything to do but sit and knit, and so I did. I also did some "shopping", matching up yarns to projects in the new Scarf Style book. But I was strong and did not purchase anything.

Progress on EZ blanket:
Half done! (Not counting the I-cord edge I'd like to add.)


Gwen said...

Blanket looks awesome. I admire your strength. I went up to North County to visit my aunt and visited Myer House. I displayed similar strength in not buying anything.

Teri said...

Okay ladies, now you're encouraging me to be strong. I'm teaching newbies at The Yarn Shop today from 3-5 today and I will attempt not to purchase anything.

I could use some wrist warmers though. My office is really cold and my hands are always cold all day. Hmmmm...