Thursday, December 23, 2004

For the 90th Time....Happy Birthday!

This past weekend I was in Minneapolis to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday. Her actual birthday is December 25th, so it was easier to get everybody together on December 19th. My sister and brother-in-law flew in from Seattle, and I flew in from St. Louis. We had lunch at The Olive Garden.

My sister was wearing the scarf that I made for her last year. She says that she leaves it in her car, and when it's a little cold, she grabs it and is good to go. She also said that she gets lots of compliments on it, and always lets people know that it's handmade, and that no, she could never do something like that but her sister could. I was glad it was getting good use, and it looked good on her, too.

After celebrating Christmas and Grandma's birthday with the family, it was time to go yarn shopping! It was an icy day, and the roads were treacherous, but lo, I had an enabler on my side, Tipper, and we braved the elements. Verily, I say unto you, the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area is more greatly blessed with yarn supplies than the St. Louis metro area. Truly, there was Koigu at every stop, and Lorna's Laces and handpainteds abounded. I saw something I've never seen before - little baby circular needles, presumably for making socks. I didn't even know they made them like that! I got a ball of Rowan Calmer in blue to make a hat for my youngest sister, who lives in South Dakota and has no hat (!). I also got some gorgeous yarn by Wool in the Woods. I don't know anything about them; the label has no contact information. The yarn is purple and pink and green and blue, a colorway called "Gem Jubilee", and I'm going to make Clapotis with it. So pretty. Someday when I have a free moment during daylight hours, I will attempt to photograph it.

This is Tipper, dropping me off at the airport. What a crappy picture. I apologize.

I wanted you all to see how cute she is, and how she has the coolest glasses I've ever seen, and what a pretty coat. But alas, I am a sucky photographer, especially when I'm trying to jump out of a car with my luggage and not hold up traffic.

And now for a survey:

Today when I got to work, there was a package on the chair in my office, from who else, but Santa. As soon as I opened it, I knew who it really was from because, while I have shouted from the blog-top about how excited I am to be going to culinary school, I haven't talked to that many people at work about it, and most of them don't really care. But my dear friend Jason cares, and he got for me my first piece of chef-duds - the Hat. The Toque. (Say "toke" not "tuke").

And so, I ask you for what chef-look suits me best:

The traditional, top mushroom shape:



And to the back:

I know which one I like the best, but I'd like to know what you all think! Apparently the key to getting comments on your blog is to offer prizes, but I don't have a prize to offer. You'll just have to get off your lazy bum and comment anyway.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet and thoughtful gift! You look so cute and chef-y. I like right. It's so cool that you're making this happen!

--Vicki (

La said...

I like the sass of the right-leaning toque. It says, (bonus points for cheesy French accent) "I'm confident enough to be a little off-center. I gloat oat your rigid erect toques. 'ere, smell my baguette!"

Teri said...

Your left, my right. Very nice looking lean.

My LYS got in a shipment of Lorna's Laces last week and I want to buy it all! OMG, it's so gorgeous...I could die. Also, I'm making fingerless gloves our of Calmer and it's a dream to knit with (albeit a bit on the splitty side).

Melissa said...

I like the back version, followed closely by the right leaning.... found you from Tipper's blog - nice to read you!

Tipper said...

I'd have to say... left-leaning. But then, you look so chef-y any which way!

Anonymous said...

They all look super cool, but I'll have to go with right leaning. -Wendy

amy! said...

I'm with the right-leaners.