Friday, December 31, 2004

How To Knit Backwards

Beth asked how to knit backwards, so I took some pictures. Hope this helps:

The work before the stitch: new stitches are on left needle, stitches to be knitted are on the right.

Insert left needle from left to right through back of stitch.

Wrap yarn counter-clockwise around needle. (If you hold your yarn inyour right hand, it will probably head off to the right of the picture.)

Pull loop through stitch,

and take it off the needle. One stitch executed backwards!

This should seem vaguely familiar.

It probably won't speed you up much unless you're doing a project like I was doing with a seemingly-endless number of very short short-rows. I wasn't about to turn that thing around and around and around, so I figured this out. If you have a longer row the time it takes to turn your work around is not such a big factor. But each to their own. Whatever works for you!


Tipper said...

I love knitting backwards!

Anonymous said...

olivia john said...

Knitting backwards is easy.Thanks
Knitting crafts:How to Knit Backwards (Knitting from Left to Right)