Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Weird and Wacky

Well, kids, it's been a weird couple of days. When last I posted it was Christmas, and I was just done eating a lovely Christmas dinner of roast duck, and was headed to snuggle up in bed and get some knitting done. That certainly happened. But I am not enthused enough to take a picture. You'll have to trust me. The Ruffles scarf seems to be taking forever. This evening at Barnes & Noble Nancy asked if it took a long time. I said "I want to shoot myself in the head." Gwen said "it goes pretty quickly." Gwen is delusional. Gwen cannot knit backwards, and I can. It takes me less time to knit each row. So why am I bored out of my gourd, and she thinks it's a quick knit? Who knows. We thought maybe it was that I would like to have it done so I can move on to greener pastures, such as the glorious Clapotis, the yarn for which elicited much gasping upon being revealed.

The day after Christmas I went to church, twice. I thought I was supposed to sing Ave Maria at both services, and then I thought I was not supposed to sing it at all, and then I thought I was supposed to sing it at the late service. A little mass confusion never hurt anyone. I did end up singing it the second service. One lovely lady heard me discussing all of this with our music director after the first service, and actually came back to hear me at the second. "We're going to have to start selling tickets to church," I told my parents. Hee! Not really. But there was much dismay when I didn't sing the first service. Oh well.

THEN, yesterday, I get a card from a man who is a member of my church who has on a few occasions chatted with me briefly about my singing. It was a creepy card. A scary card. He wrote in a very formal manner that he was inviting me to lunch or dinner (with guest of my choice) to discuss my singing career in greater detail. I'll spare you the actual text, but trust me. I showed it to everyone this evening, and they all agreed that it was creepy and scary. When I suggested that I might talk to my pastor about it they all said "Yes! Talk to your pastor!" with great enthusiasm, and so I am going to talk to my pastor. Usually I have very good Weirdo Radar, and I guess this guy came in under the scope. I'm going to politely explain that there isn't anything to talk about, certainly not enough to merit a meal, and I'd be happy to answer any questions he might have any time after church. In public. While people are still milling about. But I'll see what Pastor says, first.

And, yesterday a friend passed away. Not a close friend, but a man whom I sang with in choir and who took voice lessons from my teacher and participated in "Amateur Night at the Opera" with me. He had been a bit sick lately, and we don't have all of the details, but he was well enough to go to church on Sunday, and then yesterday they took him to the hospital and he passed away. It's very sad. He always brought his wife with him to Master Class, and she was very sweet, and I feel just awful for her. But that's all I have to say about that.


Beth said...

Okay - I have to ask, how do you knit backwards? I've seen a few people mention they can do it and I'm curious. ESPECIALLY if it'll help me knit faster.


Carrieoke said...

I've had that church music confusion going on too, usually in the form of changing hymns at the last minute, and then the piano player (ME!) has to do some fancy sight reading. Grr. But I'm glad your song went well!

I'm sorry about your friend ... when someone passes through our lives, even briefly, it's strange when they are gone. Sending you happy vibes!