Sunday, January 30, 2005


Seriously, all hell has broken loose chez YarnEnvy. I used to be a very conservative yarn purchaser. No more than I felt I could knit in the near future, and nothing frou-frou or silly. All well pondered and carefully calculated.

Today I bought this:

On-Line Linie 43 - Punta

I'm making a garter-stitch scarf.

I got an entire sweater and pair of sock's worth of yarn from Elann on Tuesday. On Thursday, I received the worth-more-than-its-weight-in-gold yarn from the Netherlands. Was that enough for me? Apparently not, because more yarn was purchased today and is now being knitted up.

Here is my excuse: Next weekend I am taking a trip, and I need to look nice (details to follow after the trip). The weather will be a little cold, but the only nice looking coat or jacket I have isn't that warm. It won't be too cold, so I figured a scarf would add just the right amount of insulation, and would add a splash of je ne sai quoi. I loved the swatch of this yarn we had at the shop, so I bought two balls to make a small basic scarf. The second excuse is that I need something to do during the 6 or 7 hours I'll be in airplanes or airports on the way, so I figure I can finish the scarf in time to land and make a good impression. I've already completed twice what is done in the picture above. I'll stop now and not work on it until Friday when I leave.

A couple weeks ago, Mary Ann commented that I seemed to be buying a lot more yarn than usual. Today Donna noted that my shipment from the Netherlands included shiny, sparkly "novelty" yarn, and did someone sneak that in there on me? To which I replied "I like the sparklies!" Apparently now I like the loopies and the floofies, too. I'm regressing. Maybe spending all that time with the floofies and the loopies at the shop is getting to me.

I'm sure if I ever pick up the Madli's Shawl again, I'll be quickly cured.


Gwen said...

Once upon a time, you used to only have one large project and a pair of socks going at the same time too if I remember correctly... :-)

I don't think that the yarn from the netherlands shoudl count as novelty type yarn, that stuff is just too cool for words.

Teri said...

Holy Crap...what the heck is happening there? Clearly I need to come back to St. Louis and smack you with some alpaca or something. In fact, I'll be there for the next guild meeting so I'd better not see you working on some novelty stuff then!

I had such high hopes for you with Madli. You were my inspiration for finishing my lace shawl albatross. Ah well.