Tuesday, March 01, 2005

March First...

...and time for a regular feature chez YarnEnvy...

Raoul Dufy, Le grand concert, 1948
I like this one because it reminds me of what it feels like to be in the choir behind the orchestra in a performance at Powell Hall. Powell Hall is a lot bigger, though. The right side of the picture looks like there's a reflection, but it's actually lighter. I don't know why.

It was an eventful weekend. As I mentioned before, Debbie Stoller, of Stitch'n'Bitch fame, was at Knitorious on Friday night. (And if you scroll down a few days to see my schedule, you'll see a bit of white free time on Friday nights.)

Debbie and Ellen

early in the store: (before Debbie was there, I think) look at all those people!

What a spread! Yum!

Debbie shows the bear hat during her talk:

The roar of the greasepaint,...
Could we fit any more people in the store? No. It was a lovely time, though. The shop was very crowded, but it was possible to get around if you knew where you were going, and Debbie was a delight. I didn't get to talk to her, because Sandy was a little frazzled and didn't introduce any of us, and I'm too shy to introduce myself. After the crowds were gone and everything was as cleaned up as it was going to be, Sandy, Donna, Ellen and I sat down on the couches and chatted, which we don't get to do very often. It was a delight. Ellen pooped out first, begged to go, and we all dragged our knitty butts home.

Saturday morning was rough. Sandy and I both agreed that we felt like we had knitting hangovers. She said we should just sit and knit all day, and that's what we tried to do. Eventually some customers came in, and some of them needed help, and I ended up putting in a pretty hard day. Putting yarn on a shelf, while more physical, doesn't wear me out as much as explaining things all day. My brain gets tired. Anyway, the knitting time is how I snuck in some work on the neckwarmer. After work I followed my schedule, and got a lot done. I even knitted a little more.

Sunday I again followed the schedule, which needed some adjustment to allow a trip to Target, but now it's all straight. I got almost all of my homework done, and was ready for some free time Sunday night. But wait...I did not get free time. Garrison Keillor was in St. Louis to do a benefit performance for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. It was free. I've always wanted to see him live; I've been a fan for a long long time. I had to go. I meant to leave at intermission, but I couldn't. It was too wonderful. If you're a listener of Prairie Home Companion, imagine how much you enjoy that, then multiply it by 100. That's how wonderful it was.

I swear, it's Garrison Keillor:

Needless to say, I was a little tired after a weekend with no down time. That's why yesterday's post was about my tension headache. Go figure.

And another flash from culinary school -
Hungarian goulash w/ sour cream:


Vicki said...

Great photos. What is Hungarian Goulash? There sure were a bunch on knitters in that lys. Debbie attracts quite a crowd (not that I'm surpirsed).

Poppymom said...

Mmmmmmm! I love Hungarian goulash day.

I had wondered how they were going to fit everyone into Knitorious. That was the main reason I didn't go. I had a feeling I'd have a claustrophobic fit!

Gwen said...

Ooohhh...So sorry I missed Debbie. It looks like it was fun, crowd and all.

The Goulash looks spectacular. Yummm.

linda said...

I love listening to APHC. Garrison Keillor is so funny. The goulash looks yummy.

jenna said...

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natalie said...

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