Sunday, July 10, 2005

Even More Classy

You may recall a little while back when I was concerned that my luggage was going to be seen in a professional situation, and I had to buy new. On that trip home, it was a very small plane, and I had to check my gorgeous new baggage as I boarded the plane. I took my sock project out of the front pocket, and as I walked down the narrow aisle, carrying only my purse on my shoulder and my sock project in my hand, it occurred to me that there was a great irony in my existence. My sock project is generally carried around in a Ziplock freezer bag. An old Ziplock freezer bag. Very classy. Very professional.

Before and after:

Now I won't look like an over-dressed bag lady.

And the back of the Isis Wrap is blocking:
I've never made a sweater like this where the sleeves are casted on as part of one big back piece; very interesting. I'm glad they're only three-quarter-length.

These are some closer pictures of the lace pattern:


Vicki said...

And I'm sure you didn't mind the excuse to buy a cute bag. It's SUPER CUTE! The wrap is looking great :)

Lauren said...

It looks like the Isis Wrap the same stitch pattern as Charlotte's Web. Interesting.

Teresa said...

I remember you making a comment about knitting needles, and them being allowed on the airplane. I asked the hubby about this. He works for the TSA (Homeland Security) for Lambert. he said "yeah, they are allowed" I asked WHY, he said "cause they are hobby tools" I was like, "they can be metal and POINTY... they don't allow sizzors.." he just gave me a dirty look. Dunno if all this helped, lol.

Gwen said...

Love the new bag for your sock project. I was glad when I got the little free one I've been lugging one of my pairs of socks around in. The other is still in the old plastic bag.

Love the wrap!!

Good luck tomorrow.

Kirsti said...

very nice sock bag - definitely matches the elegant and sophisticated and pink luggage :)