Friday, July 08, 2005

Stuff I Forgot

I forgot to mention in my last post that I will be in Cincinnati Monday night and Tuesday. Unfortunately, there is no time to visit Cincinnati, only time to sleep, try to act professionally, and wait for an airplane. It's going to break my heart to go home without a yarn souvenir. Do you think they would offer me the job and expect me to take it without visiting the city first? I don't know about these things. I am soliciting advice.

My mother seems to be spending as much time researching Cincinnati as I am. She was relieved to know they have Perkins there. We have no pie-serving restaurants here in St. Louis, and this has caused some amount of disorientation during family visits.

And finally, an update:

Cardi Raye may be temporarily stalled, but I am blocking the sleeves and will proceed with assembly best I can. I had wanted to wear it on the flights to and from Cincy (now that I know how to spell it, I'm tired of spelling it out) but I guess that won't happen.

Someday it will be finished.


It will be finished.


Nomad said...

You can abbr. it by calling it Cinti.

Good luck!

Vicki said...

Good luck! Pie is definitely important, there aren't any Perkins there? That's crazy. The sleeves are beautiful :)

Kirsti said...

Hope that the trip goes well - and yes, it's definitely a good sign to get invited down. The sleeves look great - and I hope you get the missing yarn to finish it soon!

Kristin said...

I did the same thing when I moved to St Louis. No time to explore the city before I knew I was coming. Turned out to be okay. have a good trip.