Friday, July 08, 2005

I Should Have Been A Pirate


I finished the second sleeve on the Cardi Raye, and started in on the collar. See this picture? See the short side? That's what's left to knit on the last row. See the short piece of yarn hanging off of it? That's what's left. I need enough to knit the rest and sew it on. That bites. I have contacted another generous CR-knitter who offered to send me yarn before and I have asked for a few more yards. Is this frustrating or what?

I'd like to take this opportunity to explain my photography philosophy, as it pertains to my blog. I take a lot of blurry pictures and put them up on my blog, and I know I do. I apologize. It's because I'm lazy. I usually turn on the camera, adjust the whiteness thing, and take a picture. It usually turns out either 100% too bright, or it's bright in the middle and dark around the edges. I fool around for a while and end up taking about five pictures without the flash and pick out the least blurry one. I could, if I felt like it, use the tripod, and it would be much better, but I often don't care enough. I mean, you guys have seen yarn before. If my point is to show you the color, which it often is, I just don't worry about the detail.

About the picture above: as it is on my screen right now, it has crappy quality. I've noticed that every so often lately a picture gets posted and shows up with bad quality. However, I've noted that when I right-click on it I have an option to "Refresh page (full quality)" which I'd never noticed before. When I click on it, all the problems go away. I'm hoping that when I post this and click on "Refresh page (full quality)" the above picture will not look so bad. If not, well, maybe I'll try to fix it. Maybe I'll be lazy, and I won't.


Gwen said...

I can't believe you got that close only to not have enough. How frustrating...