Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Beaded Stitch Markers

Look who got creative with some stuff around the house:
Madli's Shawl has jewelry on. How pretty!

And these are for my students tonight:
I like them small and simple. No reason to have big clunky things hanging off your knitting, I think. I really like them. Seems that they're going for $5 a piece at various internet vendors; I think that's a lot for a stitch marker, don't you?

I think it might be time for Bethany's Bangles to expand into stitch markers. Why not? I think I'll charge $1 a piece for these. Let me know if you'd like some!


Anonymous said...

I sell my markers for $3.00 at the knit shop where I work, that was the price point I saw whenever I priced them on the internet. But I agree, $5.00 is excessive!
I missed so much at Stitches too. And I thought I went down every aisle. Oh well, next year I will check off each booth as I visit it.

heather said...

Your stitch markers are lovely. I am sure if you sell them at $1 you will sell lots!!!

Teri said...

Pretty! I like them a whole bunch.

On another note, someone sent me this link and there's a diary of SMW that's very funny. http://the-panopticon.blogspot.com/ THought you might like it.

margene said...

Ooo, Madli is so beautiful with her new look;-)