Friday, April 24, 2009

When I Say Serious, I Mean Serious

As I posted my last post, I had a little thought "what if one of the owners of this house is a knitter, and what if she sees that I love her house, and when I put in an offer she milks me for all I'm worth?"

Well, it didn't happen.  I put in an offer, and they didn't even counter-offer.  Not really.  I asked for a table and chairs on the porch, hoping they had gotten it from a thrift store or something, but they hadn't, it was his grandmother's, so they counter-offered that I couldn't have the table and chairs.  So now I have a signed contract, I inspect the house on Monday, and I have to hunt down a mortgage post-haste.  The contract only gives me five days, and I didn't think about how the weekend was coming up and maybe I should make that seven.  

So here's some advice from Your Old Uncle Beth:  When you sign a contract to buy your first house, and it's an old house, don't go to Home Depot and wander aimlessly.  Grab the paint chips and Get Out of Dodge, unless you plan to end your Tour of Nausea in the bucket aisle where you can puke.  (In my defense, I hadn't eaten since a very early lunch due to a crazy day at work, so the nausea was only partly due to Buyer's Remorse.)  (And I didn't really puke.   You should know by know that I take poetic license on a regular basis.)

Here are some more pictures of My New House, (and yes, I can say that now with reasonable certainty):
click to embiggen


Karen said...

Fingers cross for ya! More importantly, does Sadie like it? Until she pees in the yard, nothing is for sure.

Holly said...

Congrats and good luck! It's a fabulous house!

RicochetRed said...

Does Sadie pee in the yard she has now? She is persnickety. :-)

Totally irrelevant, but I'm crazy for that tangerine KitchenAid on the counter.

Does the front porch swing stay?

I hope the inspection goes well. You know I'm concerned about the cracks, not knowing if they're superficial stucco cracks or more serious foundation fissures. Hoping, hoping, hoping for the former.

LaTejanaFria said...

Congratulations! Hope the inspection goes well, as does the mortgage hunting. May it all go swimmingly well.

erinj said...

we have the exact same stove and dishwasher!

Lori on Little Traverse Bay said...

Congratulations! The house is way cool. You and Sadie will love it!

By the way, I'll put in a plug for the metal magenta (?) chair for 50 clams. In a different color it would be great. I have three of these for my porch in No. Michigan, and I love them. They can be a little cool when you sit, but that's not all bad on a hot summer day. And it's a good excuse to knit a groovy seat pad.