Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Quiet Day, Quiet Night

After all the "excitement" of the past few days, today was something of a welcome relief. Things that happened:

1. Blogger was having problems and wouldn't post for about 16 hours (last night until early this afternoon.) I was frustrated by this, because my last, rather long, rather event-filled post was sitting out in Blogger Limbo all night and all day. I wanted to communicate about my Master Knitter Ultimate Rejection, and have apparently forgotten how to call or e-mail people individually.

2. Sent Master Knitter re-submits. Yes, I worked my little rejected heiny off last night, and got those suckers done. I was like a woman posessed. Also sent a necklace and earrings to my grandma. I spoke with my mother last night, and she told me that Grandma wants some of the jewelry I make, even though she's never seen it before. Isn't that sweet? What a supportive grandma. I used one of these new automated self-serve machines at the post office, even after hours. Most excellent. As long as people don't know what it is and are afraid to use it, there is no line. There was a guy standing in front of it when I got there, who moved aside most politely, and then I heard him say on the phone "Oh, I think I just found a way I can buy my stamps without having to wait in this line." Duh. I thought that was ironic how he was standing there blocking it, and probably could have been gone by the time I got there if he had just used it.

3. Skipped dinner w/ the knitters. I'm trying to save both money and calories, so an all-you-can-eat buffet is not in the works, even if it is Sweet Tomatoes which lures you in thinking you're going to have a healthy salad. If all you eat is a salad, you have just been ripped off, my friend.

4. Helped Kelly with both of her projects (at least I'm still Technical Advisor to someone, even if I can't pass the Master Knitter Level 1). She's off and running again and can stop crocheting to fill her time (because we all know how scandalous that is.)

5. I got another repeat done on the shawl, with no major mistakes, for a total of five. I'm so proud of myself. I think I was messing up the nupps, and purling too many stitches together (like, 8 instead of 7). Now that I'm aware of the pitfall, I can better avoid it. I don't have pictures, though, because the last picture was of only four repeats, and that's just not interesting. I could post the same picture again and you wouldn't know the difference. The next time I feel it's interesting I'll take a good picture, like maybe half way done.

Hopefully tomorrow will be another quiet day. My boss is in Europe and it's a holiday there tomorrow, so it should be; at least, I won't get any e-mails or phone calls. Right?


Katherine said...

Oh Beth - biiiiig hugs from me! I'm so sad to hear you didn't pass that mastery knitting thing. If it makes any difference you are the more masterful knitter I know and you make beautiful things! Its so hard when you put yourself on the line like that and try and then get crap thrown back in your face. It seems we both got our ego blasted at about the same time. (Me with honours thinking I was a smarty and then finding out I'm a reject) More big hugs cause I feel your pain and I know how much it takes to get over feeling crap about yourself. :(

Anonymous said...

Hi There, I found you on Chic Knits....

Just wanted to say...I've been there, done that. Not the Master Knitting thing, but "competitions" of one sort or another.

Even when I won, if there was one, just one, comment about something I could have done better...that was all I could think about...that one...stupid...thing I had done.

As for them sending you the wrong swatch...that is just tacky..."Let us judge vaguely as possible in areas..." and then send you someone else's swatch? Tacky.

So, for what it's worth, judging can be pretty subjective...don't sweat it, I'm sure it will all come out in the end with your last swatches. ;-D Lisa in Oregon

Beth said...

I think I better clarify...they didn't send me the wrong swatch. I really don't know how that could have even happened; that's practically impossible; they're all labeled clearly with my name and address - just like they're supposed to be, and they're neatly in pockets in a binder. What DID happen was that the comments didn't apply to my swatch. They said the tag was in the wrong corner, but the tag was in the right corner, and they said I had twisted stitches, but I don't twist stitches, and they said I casted on 25 stitches and bound off 20, when I casted on 30 stitches and bound off 25. I think they just didn't edit the comments for that swatch from the last time they wrote the critique.

And I didn't mind the suggestions of how to improve (there weren't very many, and I already knew them), it was the blatant MISTAKES that I made, not following the directions, that made me mad at myself. They told me to increase every other knit row, and while I understood what it meant, and knew how to do it, I just screwed up and in one place didn't skip a knit row, and didn't check it when I was done, and didn't notice it. And I just wasn't careful about the woven end showing through.

It was stupid. Stupid. Stupid.
On MY part, not theirs.