Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Game Continues

So far the word from Cincinnati is good. It's just a waiting game now. I gotta tell ya', having a recruiter on your side is the Best Thing In The World. It's like having your own personal job-getting assistant, for free! How cool is that?

I have to admit it's pretty scary, though. I think "stress of moving" ranks right up there with "death of a family member" or "loss of job". What if they hire me and then discover it was all a terrible mistake?

In between freak-out episodes I have been looking for apartments on the internet, and knitting!

This is almost one skein of Cascade Sierra being made into First String from the Summer Knitters.

I love the color; it reminds me of raspberry sherbet.

And this is my new toy:

It's my new MP3 player. I love it. It's such a pretty pearly pink; I debated between the white and the pink, afraid it would be an ugly plastic hot pink. But it's perfect. It receives the radio, and has a voice recorder. So now I'm doing the new-MP3 player-owner-rip-all-my-CDs dance. Fun times.

And, I realized that my new car will play MP3s, too. So I burned my Jimmy Buffett box set onto one little CD-ROM, it worked, and I'll be so much better equipped for road trips in the future. How cool is that?


Emily said...

Fingers crossed for job!

Love the pink MP3 player.

Amy said...

Hope you get the job! (Love the pink mp3 player too).

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope you DON'T get the job, but that's because I'm selfish and don't want you to leave St. Louis. :)

I'm kidding, of course. I know it would be a great opportunity for you, so I really am crossing my fingers for you - bitter-sweetly.

Love the sweater color, too!! I can't wait to show you the sweater for Cecilia! I'm halfway through the back, then block, sew 2 seams and DONE!!


Nanc said...

And as a fun of Jimmy Buffett, you'll be at home in Cincy! There's a crazy following and group of Parrotheads there! (In fact, this Saturday is a Buffett concert in Cincy.)

I was born and raised in Cincy, and a good portion of my family still lives there (so I get to visit). Sometimes I miss it.

Best wishes for you with this job (and a possible move). I'll try to think up great places and things for you in Cincy... just in case. ;)