Sunday, April 17, 2005

I'm NEVER doing THAT again

The Operation Big Chop Incentive/Bribe has been completed. I might make more, but I won't do it this way again; it took forever. I think my hair grew another half an inch to donate while I was doing this. But here's what I did, in case you're interested:

Here is the wool soaking, my pipettes, purple gloves, and the kool-aid ready to be applied:

After draining most of the water from the wool, I took a length of it and set it on top of a piece of saran wrap:

I then applied the kool-aid, and wrapped up the finished length of yarn:

This is what the whole thing looked like when it was finished:

This took me about 2 and a half hours.

And these are after heating and cooling and unwrapping, then rinsing and wringing:

Unwrapping took another half an hour.

Here it is hanging to dry:

Winding it into a manageable skein took about an hour and a half.

And the finished product, basking in the sunlight:

Remember, this could be YOURS if you give me a dollar, and I draw your name. It's the "Color your own" from Knitpicks, enough for a pair of socks. 100g/440 yds/7-8 sts = 1"

And my other project: Grape Berry Splash:
I acheived the variegation by not stirring the yarn and not allowing it to rotate in the microwave; so the darker spots are where the yarn was hotter. I think it's just lovely! It's my favorite color.

More details: I first soaked the yarn for about half an hour. Then, without removing the yarn from the water, I added two packets of Kool-Aid and swirled it around to make sure it was evenly distributed. I took the rotating plate out of my microwave, and nuked on high for a minute and a half; I let it cool for about 15 mintues, then nuked it again for a minute and a half. I let it cool for a half hour, maybe? and could tell that the water was clear. I then proceeded as usual, rinsing, draining and wringing, then hanging to dry. I think it's just lovely. I also purchased some worsted weight that I'm going to use for a sweater; I'm going to use the same technique, only I think I'll use three packets per skein. So now I'll have socks to match the sweater!

I might do another skein like this as incentive, and I'll do it in the flavor of your choice. How about that? Now will you give me a dollar?

Do it right now, so you don't forget to give me a dollar, so you can win a fabulous prize!


Anonymous said...

So, do we get 20 entries for $20? That yarn is gorgeous!


Vicki said...

I donated! I added a note with my name because it isn't the name on the card. Hope you make sense of it. That yarn is freaking beautiful! :)

Gwen said...

That Grape-Berry yarn is aweswome!!!!!

Danielle said...

2.5 hours is way to long. But the end result was wonderful.

I the grape Berry is berry berry nice to.


Lynette said...

great job on both yarn dye jobs!